The school release is an awesome opportunity for our public school students to experience Jesus Christ in an unusual way.  With parent permission, we are able to take students off campus for the purpose of religious instruction. This is a lawful absence and it is on a voluntary basis. While on this field trip, the students will experience incredible music and the powerful message of Jesus Christ.


This program can change a community! The Supreme Court ruled in 1952 that is was the parent’s legal right to release their child for religious instruction. So we have capitalized on this law and created the Bonfire School Release program!

We have found a lawful way for students to leave school for a short time to be transported off campus to a local church or facility where they will see and hear an awesome concert and have a chance to hear the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

Through this program we have had the opportunity to minister to more the 8000 students from more than 32 public schools and see more than 3000 decisions for Jesus!


This is a 3 week program that empowers your local church students and Christian clubs! Their school becomes a mission trip and they are able to invite there lost friends to an event they will want to go to.

We need as many churches that can to be involved in this event as it takes a community of volunteers to make it happen. This event is designed to bring unity to the community through the power of Jesus!

This is how it works:

Week 1 – Your students will pass out permission slips and information about the event to their school friends!

Week 2 – Is the event which will last for 4 days beginning on Sunday with a community worship service that night ending on the following Wednesday night. We will lead a total of 11 services in a 4 days.


Bonfire will bring to your community:

Full Production which includes-professional lighting and sound, the band Jeremiah’s Passion, one of their qualified itinerate speakers and all the materials needed to counsel and make this event a success!

Our Insurance covers the entire event including transportation use of your vehicles.

While we are with you we will offer a discipleship class led by one of our Bonfire pastors who has more than 25 years of youth ministry experience.

A private praise and worship service with the Bonfire Team and the volunteers of your churches.

Sunday night – through Wednesday night-is community worship

Monday- Morning, High School Release, afternoon is Middle School Release
Tuesday- Morning Middle School Release, afternoon High School Release
Wednesday- Morning High School Release, Afternoon Middle School Release

Week 3 – This is the most important week! Once the program ends, it’s up to you to bring in the harvest and disciple the new members of our family!
this is where you will see your church grow and change!

God is doing amazing things through this program and we would love to come to your church community and help spread the Word of Jesus in way that your students will never forget.

Be sure and watch our promo video to see exactly how exciting this powerful program is and how it can transform your community for Jesus!

So come and be a part! If  you have any further questions you may e-mail us through our website.
or call us at 704-880-5391